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Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning Options (FLO) is a Department for Education initiative. It is a secondary student enrolment strategy aimed to assist schools and the wider community in supporting successful engagement and retention of young people identified as disengaging from a mainstream school-based learning program.  

Avenues College students demonstrating disengagement from learning for a variety of reasons may be eligible to join the FLO program. Currently the program has one intake at the start of the school year and is unable to accept students throughout the year.

FLO students are placed with a Case Manager who they meet with once a week to work through any barriers between them and school. This may involve addressing wellbeing issues, assisting with organisation, setting learning and career goals, developing employability skills, preparing a resume and exploring potential certificate qualifications for the student to enrol in.

Some FLO students attend either a flexible learning site known as a Community Learning Centre (CLC) or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) site such as TAFE SA. The CLC most Avenues College FLO students access is the North Eastern Secondary Principal’s Network (NESPN) CLC.

NESPN Community Learning Centre (CLC)

Avenues College has partnered with seven North-Eastern secondary schools to form the NESPN Community Learning Centre. The CLC was established in January 2013 and is a testament to school/community partnerships working together towards supporting youth, addressing barriers and access to education, training and employment.

Students attending the CLC have the standard FLO requirement of being paired with a Case Manager. Case Managers, along with CLC staff, are available to support students in making the decision as to which pathways to follow.

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For further information please speak to Susan Hart, Flexible Learning Manager on 

8261 2733.