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Primary Years

During the Primary Years at Avenues College we have a particular focus on building the foundation and thinking skills for a successful education and the years beyond. Natural learning dispositions such as curiosity and questioning are fostered along with the traditional skills reading, writing, speaking and mathematics. Here, at Avenues College, we follow the Australian Curriculum giving the children an opportunity to use their skills and knowledge in a myriad of forums and to become well-rounded individuals.

Students are supported by dedicated staff who are interested in both learning and wellbeing. In the Primary Years we have adopted the principles of Play is the Way to help students develop their personal and social capacities and social and emotional skills alongside their learning capabilities.

Family involvement is warmly welcomed in recognition of the valuable partnership that forms between home and school during these important years. Volunteers in the school assist with learning, offer Breakfast Club and participate in Governing Council. Our richness of culture and diversity is celebrated throughout the year and on special recognition days such as Harmony Day, Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.

You are invited to telephone us to commence enrolment on  8261 3339.

Head of Primary Years - Jenny Conn